• Healing Weekend

    The aim of the weekend is to give you time to be with Father God and allow Him to bring you the healing to you that he has planned.


    Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest 

    2.00pm Arrivals 
    3.45pm Afternoon tea 
    4.15pm Welcomes and introductions 
    5.15 worship 
    6.00pm Evening meal 
    7.15pm The cry of the Heart 
    8.30pm Night prayer


    Be Still and know that I am God 
    8.00am Optional Communion 
    8.30am - 9.15am Buffet Breakfast 
    9.30-10am Timeless Good News 
    10.30-11.15am Naaman was a great man, but .... 

    Silence is kept until lunch time

    11.15am Tea/coffee break 
    1.00pm l Lunch 
    3.30pm Tea/coffee break 

    Prayer Ministry

    The afternoon will be given over to prayer ministry which everyone will receive as part of the retreat.

    6.00pm evening meal 
    7.15pm Night prayer & reflection


    Behold I make all things new 
    8.30am - 9.15am buffet breakfast 
    10.00am Holy Communion with anointing 
    11.30am Tea/coffee break 
    12 noon Journeying on 
    1.00pm Lunch and departures

    More about healing weekends

    Cost: £180 en-suite/£160 non ensuite